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Product Technical Specifications

Dimension & Weight

Feet : L 6.56 / W 4.92 / H 5.24

Meters : L 2.00 / W 1.50 / H 1.16

Approximate Weight : 1.267 lbs / 575 kg


Unit is designed with the ultimate flexibility for performing heavy duty oprations, compact design, robust, stand alone operation & transportable weight

Unit has four lifing points for crane handling & includes integral forklift pockets for ease ground handling


Spooling unit structure constructed in steel, the spooling unit is used for spooling OFF old wireline from the wireline unit drum and for spooling ON the new wireline on the wireline unit drum

The function of unit is hydraulic driven shaft on which the new drum ( shipping drum ) is placed

The hydraulic driven spooler shaft 4 " diameter will accept all stand wire shipping drums small 30" ( 0.092" ) to large wooden 55" ( 7/32" ) flange diameter wire drum, spooler shaft is removable for quick, easy reel change-out

Note : A spacer tube is provided for use with the narrower drum

Hydraulic tension during spool ON & OFF is controlled from a control panel mounted on the side of the unit, The wire tension assembly traverses feely on sealed linear bearing and tensioning is done by two brake bands acting on the circumstance of the tensioning wheel

Braking is controlled by means of a hand wheel in front of the tension head

Operator console

Stainless steel color coded engraved with english letters


Operation of spooler can be done from standard open-loop hydraulic power pack



Optional accessories

  1. Jacking castor set of 4 wheels for easy shifting of units
  2. Hooks to secure the unit by chain on deck
  3. 25 hp diesel engine driven hydraulic power pack

Power pack safety options ordering code

  1. Z1 - Zone 1 ( electric or air)
  2. Z2 - Zone 2
  3. RS - Rigsafe


All steel materials are sandblasted to Sa 2 ½, inorganic zinc primer coated and all aluminum materials are primed, painted to customer supplied color code with single stage jotun paint products, supplied color code single stage jotun hard top