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Product Technical Specifications

Dimension & Weight

Feet : L 3.50 / W 3.00 / H 4.00

Meters : L 1.07 / W 0.91 / H 1.22

Weight : 606 lbs / 275 kg


The portable test injection units are designed with ultimate flexibility, compact in design, transportable weight, and can operate stand alone with use of external pneumatic source and are used for fluid injection and pressure testing up to 10,000 psi

All our portable test & injection units are built up around haskel / maximator pneumatically driven pumps and auto clave engineers valves, fittings and tubing


Designed to pump water or glycol for pressure testing up to 10,000 psi


The skid consists of close frame works and incorporates inbuilt control panel, all of its construction is in stainless steel structure & covers

  1. Unit has 200 litres (52.8 USG) stainless steel fluid tank with filling access from the top & level monitoring from the side of the tank
  2. Two air driven hydraulic pumps ( high volume low pressure pump & high pressure low volume pump)
  3. Four lifting points provided with 4 leg wire rope lifting sling & canvas cover

All the hydraulic tubing & pump assembly can be accessed from rear of the panel for any maintenance


System is designed with Hi-low ( high volume low pressure & high pressure low volume ) this system allows quicker filling of large sections which need to be pressure tested

Operating output pressure is 10,000 psi

Relief valve pressure is set to 10,500 psi

Unit is provided with inlet and outlet connections, Air inlet : chicago coupling

High pressure outlet : quick disconnected couplings

Operator console

Sainless steel color coded with english letters and flow diagram fitted with

  1. Pump output pressure gauge 0 to 15,000 psi
  2. Air pressure guage 0 to 250 psi
  3. Air pressure on / off valve
  4. Air pressure regulator valve
  5. System pressure isolation valve
  6. Bleed of valve
  7. Pressure chart recorder ( optional )

Pressure recorder

  1. Mechanical chart recorder supplied with basic set of 50 charts
  2. Digital data logger standard
  3. Digital data logger intrinsically safe

Optional accessories

  1. 1/4" x 100 ft high pressure test line hose on wet centre reel
  2. 1/2" x 100 ft high pressure test line hose on wet centre reel