A cutting-edge design centre handles all the equipment's design for SOP manufacturing. The innovation centre produces personalized designs based on the client requests. SOP offers conventional wireline equipment with regionally customized lines. The design center's ongoing efforts are directed to enhance the product's usability, quality, durability, and cost-efficiency.


SOP engineers the upstream product lines, in particular the well intervention equipment. SOP offers high-quality machinery. Equipment is designed by SOP using a multidisciplinary approach that includes mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, instrumentation, and automation. As a result, SOP manufactures high-quality equipment to satisfy its customers.


Standard wireline and well servicing equipment are produced in-house in a high-quality manufacturing facility that meets industry standards. The production facility has overhead cranes on assembly and fabrication bay. Steel and aluminum skid and structure construction with AWS and BS coded welding A clean, high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic equipment assembly.


A well-equipped sales team meets client needs promptly and attends to after-sales concerns to guarantee that the equipment sold by SOP is always supported to keep it in good condition for the duration of its life cycle. With a worldwide reach, the sales staff makes sure to offer the highest quality service to customers who ask for new, refurbished, and spare parts. We are here to support you

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Established in 2004 as a joint venture with the Canadian manufacturing Lee Specialities, the company operated under the name of Lee Specialties Middle East (LSME) until 2007. Since then, the business was re-branded as SPECIALIZED OILFIELD PRODUCTS (SOP), a wholly owned independent business unit adding to the existing technologies and staff of LSME.

Today SOP is the leading engineering, designing and manufacturing company of quality wireline and well services equipment for land and offshore operations. With a strong commitment towards quality, SOP is known for the manufacturing of integrated slickline units, containerized slickline units, crane units, hydraulic masts, e-Line, wireline units, pumping units, both on truck chassis or skid mounted, BOP control, grease injection units, wire tester, for safe area or zone 2, DNV 2.7-1.


Specialized Oilfield Products is an oil and gas product manufacturer who is committed to ensure a safe, happy and healthy workplace, for all persons working for and on behalf of the company, clients, and visitors. we are committed in consultation and participation of workers,and participation of workers, to protect the health, Safety, environment and prevent pollution. we believe in a transparent and proactive policy and that all adverse HHSEQ impacts are preventable.

Specialized Oilfield Products will strive to deliver quality products. We are dedicated to total customer satisfaction and continual improvement in all activities and performance to meet or exceed customer satisfaction at all times and fulfilling obligation towards our stakeholders.

To implement this Policy, Specialized Oilfield Products will +

  • Develop, implement and maintain effective Health, Happiness, Safety, Environment and Quality (HHSEQ) management program with defined objectives and targets to improve proactive control of risk and create a step change in behaviour.
  • Give Health, happiness, Safety, Environment and Quality aspect as the highest consideration within the Company’s other business objectives.
  • Comply with all applicable standards, legal requirements, Best Practices and other requirements to which the company subscribes to.
  • Implement continual improvement programs utilizing the latest technologies.
  • Encourage personnel to have ownership for identifying points for improvement and eliminating non-conformities, eliminating hazards, preventing injury to themselves and others by including HHSEQ performance in the appraisal and awarding systems.
  • Provide persons working for and on behalf of Specialized Oilfield Products with all necessary training, resources and systems, as well as to empower them to STOP any unsafe work.
  • Allow all personnel to have direct access to the highest management levels of the company to address any issues related to HHSEQ.
  • Actively monitor, audit and review to improve HHSEQ Management System, processes and performance.
  • Hold line management accountable for ensuring and promoting a safe, happy and healthy workplace with quality management activities and the protection of the environment within their areas of responsibilities.
  • Improve the efficient use of energy and natural resources.
  • Provide to the Oil and Gas industry world class quality equipment and its maintenance.