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Product Technical Specifications

Dimension & Weight

Inches : L 23.6 / W 11.0 / H 11.0

Centimeters : L 60.0 / W 30.0 / H 30.0

Weight : 44 lbs / 20


Heavy duty lightweight wireline ductility tester is a unique design for testing wireline samples

Above unit is a mechanical wireline sample tensile testing system enabling the ductility of wireline up to 0.140"

Above tester can test carbon steel & stainless steel wirelines


Wireline tester unit is constructed in carbon steel ( optional stainless steel )

Optional : steel constructed

Unit is single piece and designed for super light duty ( 0.092" ) to super heavy duty ( 0.140" ) wireline

In the above unit accurate tensile test is performed with the instructions written on the panel, by using an integral test jig & using rope sockets located in the bottom of main body

Hydraulic system used is a tension load cell with sensitive membrance

Safety during testing upper lid section closes over the bottom section of the body

Unit can be provided with any of the below options based on client request

  1. Mechanical chart recorder supplied with basic set of 50 charts
  2. Digital data logger standard
  3. Digital data logger intrinsically safe