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Product Technical Specification

Dimension & Weight during Taxi

Feet : L 22.57 / W 7.97 / H 10.43

Meters : L 6.88 / W 2.43 / H 3.18

Weight : 17.632 lbs / 8.0 mertic ton

Working Height's' : 7.01 m (23.00 ft) to 21.33 m (70.00 ft)


Unit is designed with the ultimate flexability for performing wireline operations, compact design, robust, stand alone operation & transportable weight

Unit has four lifting points for crane handling, integral forklift pockets for ground handling


Mast unit is constructed in high grade steel tubing frame work and has been specially designed for offshore applications

Unit is sturdy comes in a single piece configuration with six section telescopic boom assembly, designed for use as a self jacking ( standing ) & self supporting structure for wireline operations

Mast is fitted with o cargo hydraulic winch & one man rider winch ( optional ) 12.000 lbs & 4.408 lbs with an internal brake and fast re-spooling system

One storage / area is provided with the mast frame, Mast can be rig-up within 20 to 25 minutes by two trained and certified operators


Designed for light duty to super heavy duty wireline application

Slickline : 0.092" - 0.140"

Braided line : 3/16" - 5/16""


During Rig-up and Rig down: Max wind speed 25 to 30 mph

Mast should be secured with deck all the time with the help of additional guy ropes

During operation: Max wind speed with guy ropes 60 mph


Mast is hydraulically erected

The Operator Console

Stainless steel color coded engraved with English letters


Operation of Mast can be done with a standard open-loop hydraulic power pack.

Aeroquip or Holmbury hydraulic quick connectors fitted

Mast capacity

Maximum lifting capacity by cargo winch : 11.000 lbs

Maximum lifting capacity by man rider winch : 625 lbs

Coulmn load SWL : 22.000 lbs

Optional accessories

Light weight 27 hp diesel engine driven hydraulic power pack

Optional items

Spare wireline sheaves 2x 7/32"

Spare wireline sheaves 2x 5/6" wire rope sheaves to be provided for running wireline overhorse head

Air driven power pack

Shock obsorbing lanyard, full body harness vest style standard & self retactable lifeline 310 lbs ( climbing safety) for fall protection of climber

Anti two block safety for high hook warning


No painting required on aluminum surface of mast

All steel materials are sandblasted to Sa 2 ½ and are painted with three stage painting process with inorganic zinc primes and customer supplied color code single stage jotun hard top