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Product Technical Specification


  1. Unit is designed with the ultimate flexibility for performing slickline operations
  2. Robust & compact design foot print compliance to BS EN 12079 standard
  3. Stand-alone operation
  4. Transportable weight
  5. Unit has four lifting padeyes for crane handling
  6. Integral forklift pockets for ground handling
  7. Jacking castor wheels for easy maneuvering in the platform


Mast unit base frame is constructed in steel box section frame work and the design is in compliance to BS EN 12079:2006. The mast booms are constructed with high grade seamless steel box section and has been specially designed for offshore slickline operations. The mast column structure is designed for maximum windspeed 60 mph.

Mast is sturdy but light weight in construction, comes in a single piece configuration with four section boom assembly, designed for use as a self–Jacking (standing) & self-supporting structure for slickline operations.

The mast is fitted with hydraulic winch, rated for capacity of 4,500 lbs. It comes with an internal brake to protect freely falling in the event of hydraulic failure and fast re-spooling system. Positive Mechanical boom locking system. One storage/tool box is provided with the mast frame.
Mast can be rig-up within 20 to 25 minutes by two trained and certified operators.

Dimensions & Weight

Meters (Feet) : *L 2.9 (9.2) x *W 1.2 (3.9) x *H 1.84 (6) – Taxi position

Weight : *1,500 Kgs. (3,307 Lbs.) with all rig-up item

*Dimensions are approximate. The exact final dimensions shall be as per the approved design

Operational dimensions

Operational height : 13.7 m (45 ft.)

Overall outriggers width: 4.25 m (13.94 ft.)

Overall Length with outrigger: 7.20 m (23.6 ft.)

Safety & Operation

During Rig-up and Rig down: Operate at wind speed max. upto 30 mph

Mast should be secured with deck by means of guy ropes during operation of high winds above 30 mph

During operation: Max wind speed with guy ropes 60 mph

Unguyed with deck if the wind speed is within 30 mph

Guyed with deck if the wind speed is above 30 mph

Mast position during rip up 90º

Mast position during operation 90º to 84º (i.e. 0 to 6º)

Two Outriggers: Manually positioning


Mast is hydraulically erected, extended and mechanically locked with positive locking mechanism

The Fixed Operator Console

The operator console is built with stainless steel machine engraved English letters color coded and is equipped with:

  1. Hydraulic pressure gauge 0 > 3,000 lbs
  2. Mast boom erection control valve
  3. Mast boom extension control valve
  4. Mast / winch divertor valve
  5. Hydraulic system pressure control valve
  6. Main winch control lever
  7. Auxiliary winch control lever


Operation of Mast can be done with a standard open-loop hydraulic power pack

Holmbury flat face or Aeroquip wing type hydraulic quick connects for connecting hydraulic source

Hydraulic flow req: 40 lpm min

Max hydraulic pressure req: 2,500 psi

Holmbury hydraulic quick connectors fitted

Safe Working loads

Safe working load at head fixture is 3,000 kg

For the hydraulic winch, Safe working load is 1,300 kg (2,865 lbs.)

Jacking Casters

Set of 4 caster wheels for easy shifting of units on the platforms

Heavy-duty bolt on jacking castors zinc plated c/w 8" wheel

Inspection / Certification

Third party certification with the following scope of work

  1. Proof load test with non destructive testing of the equipment before and after the load test
  2. Column load test
  3. Unit performance test data will be issued in “FAT (Factory Acceptance test) Report”
  4. Certificate of Conformance in compliance with purchase order will be issued along with supply

Signs & Decals

Where ever applicable signs & decals required will be placed

  1. All reservoir capacity
  2. Unit daily checklist
  3. Starting procedure
  4. Danger signs near rotating devices
  5. All hydraulic hoses & electrical cables will be tagged with the unique identification nos
  6. SWL of the unit labeled on side and top of the unit
  7. Placards as required during shipping etc


All steel materials are sandblasted to Sa 2 ½, inorganic zinc primer coated and painted to customer supplied color code with three coat marine grade paint products.Colour: Orange RAL2009


Operations & Maintenance Manual with spare parts list shall be provided in hard copy and soft copy (in USB Flash drive format) for complete set unit in (English)